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HW12 polyurethane screen

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Jiangsu Hewa screening product Co ., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of screening products.
we are in front of technical concepts, have leading production process system and advance R&D center, in the field of efficient screening technology. We also have successfully applied for relative patents.
Our screening products are widely used in many industries such as coal washing, steel metallurgy, Mineral processing and ore power preparation, high quality Sand-gravel aggregate, TBM slurry treatment, resource recycling and chemical industry and so on. We will unswerving committed to provide high quality products and best service to our customers so as to achieve energy consumption of the screening system by improving the operation efficiency and reducing the processing cost.

HW12 screening system is mainly used in cold mine screening, it can work normally and keep high screening efficiency under the temperature of -50℃~ 100℃.

HW12 screening system is widely used in classification and dehydration among many regions such as coal washing, steel metallurgy, Metal mine (iron ore, non-ferrous metal), construction material fine clean screening, chemical fertilizer preparation, chemical materials screening such as salt, sewage treatment, construction waste treatment, etc.

HW12 screening system with a wide range choices for the mesh size,which can be designed from 0.075mm to 120mm including both thickness and mesh shape according to customer’s requirement.

The structure of HW12 screening system is as below but not just as below:

As the situation is changeable and demands of customer’s are various, HW12 screening system is designed according to the actual working conditions and customer’s  real needs. To solve the practical problems will be our constant goal forever.

HW12 screening system takes new beam structure and fresh lock joint as it’s basic structure, and integrate them into a whole by sitting on the rail. The biggest advantage of this structure is that it can make installation and replacement more lpl下注   easy and fast under adequate connection strength so as to improve working efficiency and reduce labor work intensity.

In HW12 screening system, the standard screening plate size is L1220mm*W 300mm which comes from a large number of statistical dates. Our researchers consider both the maximization of the screen area and the maximum screening efficiency so as to realize the lowest input but highest output results.

Modular design is applied in HW12 screening system. The screening plate can be changed unlimited so as to increase the utilization ratio of the whole screen plate to full extent.

HW12 screening system only needs a few spare parts one time.

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