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HPM Polyurethane screen

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Jiangsu Hewa screening product Co ., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of screening products.
we are in front of technical concepts, have leading production process system and advance R&D center, in the field of efficient screening technology. We also have successfully applied for relative patents.
Our screening products are widely used in many industries such as coal washing, steel metallurgy, Mineral processing and ore power preparation, high quality Sand-gravel aggregate, TBM slurry treatment, resource recycling and chemical industry and so on. We will unswerving committed to provide high quality products and best service to our customers so as to achieve energy consumption of the screening system by improving the operation efficiency and reducing the processing cost.

HPM screening system is mainly used for wet and sticky materials. Because of it’s high elasticity, the screening plate could magnify the original strength in many times, which would clearly reduce both the adhesion of those wet and thick materials and blocking ratio.

HPM screening system is in a high requirements for screening materials because of high elasticity of its large working areas.

First, the amount of the screening material can’t be too large, otherwise it will weaken the effect of vibration. Second, the diameter of the screening material can’t be too big, otherwise the material could intensively impact and damage the screen plate.

HPM screening system consists of two main kinds: One is based on HW12 install structure and the other is based on its equipment structure.

HPM system, the main structure of it is high elastic screening plate assisting with vibrating balls and their baskets.

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